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Hearing Health Blog

Many people need to visit an audiologist at some point in their lives. The ears are vital to everyday life, yet deterioration is inevitable, whether due to old age, environmental impacts or more. Fortunately, audiologists can treat a wide range of conditions to do with the ear - they aren’t limited to conducting hearing tests and providing hearing aids .

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Audiologists are experts in hearing health, but most people don’t quite understand what conditions or problems audiologists actually treat. To help you gain a better understanding, consider three of the most common conditions that audiologists can help you overcome. 1. Hearing loss The most common problem that audiologists deal with is hearing loss . It might sound like an obvious

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It’s very important that you choose the right hearing aid for yourself. When it comes to behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, who should consider them? Is there are a certain type of person or group of people that are best suited for this design? Or are they generally good for everyone? Have a look at the information down below to find

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